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The company specialized in high pressure equipment such as gas booster / liquid pump / metering pump

Air driven with high durability Gas booster


Air-driven boosters are energy efficient products. The gas booster drive method of the pump utilizes the principle of Pascal which compresses the air at the high pressure part of the pump by using the sectional area ratio through the air pressure similar to the high pressure intensifier method.

Air driven with high durability Liquid pump


For transporting or boosting various substances in liquid state to different locations As a product to be used, the piston is driven by the air drive system Liquid (water, oil), etc., to the high pressure part IN Check Based on the principle of injecting and exiting to OUT Check to form high pressure The pump has simple pressure rise and safety.

Pumster Volumetric pump


It is a pump that accurately discharges a certain volume of liquid. Typically, a reciprocating pump uses a plunger instead of a piston to deliver a constant amount of fluid per stroke. Metering pumps are capable of varying the amount of emissions by varying the stroke or speed of the plunger without changing the output as long as the output of the prime mover does not change even if the outlet resistance changes, and the flow rate per stroke is correct.

Available for internal/external and fatigue testings in low and high pressure


It is a system to operate pressure testing using liquid or gas. We provide custom-made service to meet customer's request for internal & external, sealing, fatigue and leak testing, etc.